Tip 9: Hiring the right Private Investigative Agency

Most Importantly: Is the agency licensed to do business in Florida?

Need Surveillance is. Our agency license number is 3200279. We have liability and work comp insurance with El Dorado Insurance Agency.

  1. Getting caught happens now and then to the best of us. You have to let your client know
  2. Getting no results. This does not happen if you hire the right private investigative agency
  3. Bad Faith-Setting a claimant up just so you can obtain video evidence. Lack of training.
  4. Not dependable, and the agency takes too long. Always set a deadline date.
  5. Secret source? You may have a reliability problem later if you go to trial.
  6. Confidentiality. Always release information and receive information from a lawyer. This protects you, because you have lawyer-client privilege, and it is a work product.
  7. Hiring the wrong private investigative agency. Need Surveillance only does surveillance. Other agencies claim to do everything from taking statements, doing locates or background checks, and executive protection.
  8. You pay for what you get. Low-cost equals low-cost results.

NOTE: I have been a surveillance expert for thirty-five years. I know what I am doing. I pass my knowledge on to my field agents. 

Please read the novel I wrote, “48 Short Stories of a Private Investigator,” at my website, Needsurveillance.com. True stories of cases I actually worked on over the years.

Your best value is our $2,900 video-or-free plan. No risk to you or to your clients. We need to obtain a video on your claimant, or the assignment is 100% free. The only requirement is a good claimant address.

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