Tip 11: Do not order your surveillance too late

Sometimes, a plaintiff’s lawyer will make you think he will take your settlement offer, then says no.

The lawyer knows you will then place his client under surveillance. 

The lawyer will warn his client about the upcoming surveillance.

The claimant may go into hiding until trial.

We all know surveillance is a great tool in getting a settlement. The jury also loves to watch the claimant use their alleged injury without a medical device.

Now, you have no video, the claimant can’t be located, and the plaintiff’s lawyer has a high settlement demand. Do not fall this tactic.

Place the claimant under surveillance as soon as you can.  Continue to place the claimant under surveillance every other month till trial. Why?

On the stand, the plaintiff’s attorney will ask me, “What dates did you place my client under surveillance?”

“I placed your client under surveillance on November 5, 6, and 7, 2021.”

“Today is February 17, 2023, correct Mr. Ellison?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, you did not place my client under surveillance in December 2021?”

“No, sir.” 

The lawyer will ask the same question for each month for all of 2022. I have to answer, no, for each month. The lawyer will then say to me, “So, Mr. Ellison, you do not know if my client was hurt, home, and in pain, all those months, do you?”

I have to answer, “No.”

Prevent this tactic from happening by placing the claimant under surveillance every other month till trial. You pay for what you get.

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