Tip 13: When we receive your surveillance assignment

  1. We run data, called a comprehensive report on your claimant for free. We also mail you a copy of the same comprehensive report for your file. The report will list the most current information they have on the claimant’s residence address, vehicles, employment, and other information.
  2. Our field agents search Facebook for the claimant. This is because the claimant will share with the world their photos and their plans.
  3. Our field agents will do a MapQuest to view the neighborhood for routes they may take when they depart for work, school, or gym. Or shopping. Sometimes we will ask for a 2nd pi to help cover the many exits out of the neighborhood. We charge just $50 an hour for a 2nd field agent authorized by the client to be assigned to the case.
  4. Our office does a social service check and emails the information on the claimant to the field agent, and the client.
  5. We want to know as much as we can the information on the claimant. Then we can decide if we are doing surveillance in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, or a mixture of all three. 
  6. We speak with our field agents when they are hired by our firm. We ask them questions about their previous employers. Most employers we find out do not give the field agents the information we give to our field agents. Some field agents say when they contact their client by phone, for help on the case, the employer’s response is, figure it out, this is why we pay you $44 an hour. The agents have no office support. That is wrong. Both owners of Need Surveillance worked in the field for a long time. I worked for 35 years in the field. I know what the field agent needs to obtain results. Read my novel ’48 short stories of a private investigator.’ True stories of my field agent cases.      

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