Tip 10: Running Data on the Claimant

  1. We run data and do a comprehensive background check and email a copy to our client. The data will give us the last known address the data thinks the claimant lives at. When our client gives us one address and our data shows a second address, we then check out both addresses. Why? The address the client gave us may be a relative’s address and is just a maildrop. The data will also list the current vehicles owned by the claimant and their place of employment.
  2. We also do a social media report and we email this also to the clients.
  3. The field agent assigned the case to do a Facebook search to locate a current photo and to see if the claimant has photos on his/her website.  
  4. The assigned field agent also does a Map Quest search of the residential address. This will show the exit routes for the claimant if and when he/she departs. Now and then we will need a 2nd investigator assigned to the case to aid the 1st investigator to cover all the exit routes. When this happens, we get authority first from the client. The rate an hour is $50.00 an hour.
  5. The field agent will run a Map Quest from the claimant’s residence to his/her place of employment. The agent is looking for places to and from work the claimant may stop at before or after work, like a gas station, a grocery store, or a gym.
  6. Speak with neighbors to find out what time the school bus arrives in the morning and the afternoon. Find out what time the mailman arrives in the neighborhood. Find out which grocery store they shop at. The field agent can pretend he/she is buying a house in the neighborhood to blend in when he/she starts their assignment.

We speak to our field agents about their previous employers. We ask them what the previous agency did when they assigned the field agent the case. Most say the agency just gave them the case only and would say “go to it.” This kind of attitude results in a lower surveillance success rate.         

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