Tip 7: The alleged injury of the claimant

The private investigator needs to know what the claimant’s alleged injury is. 

If for example, the alleged injury is a leg, which leg?

This way the investigator can be on the right side of the alleged injury to video the alleged injury.

No point videoing the right leg from the right side when the alleged leg injury is on the left side.

The alleged injury always dictates how the investigator obtains the video of the alleged injury.

An example of an alleged neck injury.

The investigator parks behind the claimant’s vehicle in a shopping center parking lot. The video shows the claimant backing out of a parking spot and driving away. The headrests, seats, and tinted windows obscure the neck.

A sharp investigator would park in front of the claimant’s vehicle, sit in the back seat, and record the claimant entering the vehicle, turning his/her head as he/she backed out and drives away. No obstruction and the video is clear and sharp.

The surveillance order form detail what part of the body is the alleged injury.

If the alleged injury is a hand, leg, or foot, which foot, hand or leg is it?

Hire Need Surveillance as surveillance is all we do.              

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