Tip 5: Surveillance as one man or 2 men, and the pros and cons of each

Surveillance can be expensive. Two-man surveillance is double the original price for one man.

Two men are required if a claimant lives in a rural area or is in law enforcement. 

The price rises with the number of hours worked in a day.  

This is why most insurance companies go with the 4-hour surveillance. 

The best is a 12-hour day

If you work from 6 am to 6 pm, you will have a promising idea of how every day revolves. Kids to school at 8 am, the spouse is off to work at 8:30 am, the mailman arrives at 10 am, and the kids return home at 4 pm. The spouse arrives at 6 pm. A typical workday during the week.

The best is to work a Friday-Sunday or a Saturday-Monday if there are children involved.

If the claimant is single, the best hours are the hours the spouse is not home. 

Day 1 should be 12 hours long to obtain a normal day in the life of a claimant. Then you can reduce the 12 hours to an 8-hour day.

The investigator still has to blend in and be able to follow if the claimant departs. 

Video is always based on the alleged injury. If a leg injury, we try to video the claimant walking a long distance.   

Hire Need Surveillance. Surveillance is all we do.

The results are high.                            

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