Tip 4: Working a surveillance in a rural area.

It is an art to perform surveillance in a rural area.

You have many problems to solve:

Where do you sit and wait for the claimant to be active?

What is the claimant driving, or is he/she a passenger, or is someone picking him/her up? 

Most pi firms make the mistake of waiting down the street for the claimant’s vehicle that never departs.

What about the neighbors? They worry about strangers in their neighborhood, they worry about burglary, and their children being harmed. Some neighbors are armed, and they will challenge the field agent or field agents.

Do you notify the police you are there

No. Some police officers have friends in the neighborhood and the word will get back to the claimant. The claimant will then start wearing his/her medical devices and moving slowly.  

Do you work in a rural area alone?

No. Too many problems, besides most roads, are long and straight. The claimant will know someone is following him. Strange vehicles they have never seen before will stand out.

This is why you hire a pi firm that only does surveillance every day of the week.

A pi that mostly does witness statements will have no results for their boss or the client.

Neighbors help neighbors. They are not loyal to a private investigator. The neighbors will tip the claimant off. All the neighbors know you are watching Mr. X as he is the only one with a claim.

How is the claimant living, and where is he/she getting their income from?

You drive by and observe, a boat, a motorcycle, a 4-wheeler, and four vehicles. Report your finding to the client. The defense lawyer will want to know as well.

Hire Need Surveillance, we know what we are doing. 

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