Tip 3: Do you order a weekend, weekdays, or a mixture of both?

We suggest a mixture, of both a weekend and weekdays, if you just want to see the activity.

We suggest weekdays if you want to know if the claimant is working.

Does the claimant have a family? If yes, then order weekend surveillance.

Is the claimant single? Do afternoon and evenings to determine the claimant’s social life.

Has the claimant been placed under surveillance? If yes, then make the case 2-man for results.

What is the age of the claimant? The sex? The race? What is the alleged injury? You have better results if a woman field agent follows a woman claimant. The same if a black male claimant is followed by a black male field agent. 

Church days are good days for activity as most claimants will attend church.

Order surveillance on a rainy day for claimants with feet or leg injuries. They will run, hop and jump, as they do not want to get wet.

What is the occupation of the claimant? Let us know. This way we can determine if he/she is working in the same occupation. 

Does he/she have a deposition or medical day? This is an effective way to confirm if the claimant is the claimant. The claimant will go shopping or do other activities after the deposition or medical appointment.                                                                                               

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