Tip 2: Hiring a PI firm? What to look for

How long has the owner been in the surveillance business? 

James Ellison, the co-founder of Need Surveillance has been a field agent for 35 years.  

What training is the field agent given by the pi firm? 

Need Surveillance hand-picks and trains their own field agents.

Does the pi firm carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance? 

Need Surveillance does, and we can add your office as an additional insured if asked to. 

What is the background employment history of the owners of the pi agency?

James Ellison was a police officer for 15 years, has been a pi for 35 years and has a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice from FIU in Miami, Florida. James writes novels and you can download his novel “48 short stories of a private investigator.” True stories of his cases.

Does your current pi firm do a follow-up on every assignment given to them?

Need Surveillance does. We want you 100% happy with our work effort.    

Does your current pi firm also conduct background checks, locates, and witness statements?

Need Surveillance only does surveillance. All our field agents are trained in the Art of Surveillance. 

Is your current pi firm Statewide?

Need Surveillance is statewide, and we do not charge for travel. The “clock” starts when we arrive on site. 

Does your current pi firm offer a 4-hour block of surveillance, and break-off if there is no activity?

Need Surveillance works a minimum of 8 hours. Most days are 10 or 12 hours long. Read tip # 1

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