Tip 6: Obtaining Covert Video with a Hidden Camera

Covert video is your best surveillance tool. Why?  

The private investigator can record many minutes of video inside a restaurant, a shopping mall, a gym, or an office building without the claimant having a clue that he/she is being recorded.   

The private investigator needs to focus the covert camera on the alleged injury.

An example:

The claimant has a jaw injury. The claimant enters a restaurant and orders a meal. The investigator needs to sit near the claimant’s table in order to obtain a closeup video.  The investigator on paper needs to write the table number the claimant sits at, who the server is, and what meal the claimant ordered. 

In a deposition, the claimant will claim they ate something soft, yet the order ticket shows the claimant ordered a steak.

Video does not lie. The jury wants to watch with their own eyes the claimant eating the steak.   

A professional claimant with a neck injury will always wear their neck brace in public. Yet, he/she will not wear the false neck brace when out at night on a hot date

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