Tip 1: Why we do not work a four-hour block of surveillance time on a claimant

When an adjuster or a lawyer contacts Need Surveillance (NS) and says, “Break off your surveillance if there is no claimant activity after four hours.” We refuse to take that type of surveillance assignment. “Why?” 

Because surveillance is the art of waiting. Wait long enough and your claimant will be active. Besides, what four hours do we do in a 24-hour day?

Example: What if on day one, I worked 6 am to 10 am and broke off after four hours of no activity? Then on day two, I worked from 10 am to 2 pm, and still no activity. Then day three, I work 2 pm to 6 pm, and still no activity. Are the claimant home and sick, on vacation, and doesn’t live there anymore?

Well, your old pi firm would work the 4-hour shifts, obtain no video, and would invoice you for the 12 hours they spent watching your claimant. You are out of money, and you have to pay the plaintiff’s demand of $100,000 because you have zero videos to dispute their client’s claim of a bad left foot.

Now our clients know we work hard at obtaining their video on their claimants. We arrive on-site and “stick.” In the above 3-day surveillance example above, the claimant departed their residence on day 1, at 1 pm and went to the gym to work out, On day 2, the claimant washed his/her vehicle, and on day 3, the claimant went for a mile run with two friends. No video for the other pi firm, but lots of video for Need Surveillance because we stayed from 6 am to 6 pm each day. 

Now our client has a video and can use the video to lower the demand from $100,000 down to $30,000. Pay Need Surveillance, $2,400, and save $70,000 on this claim.

Do not play the guessing game of ‘when a claimant will be active.”  Stick and stay.

On our surveillance assignments, we will work with you on your surveillance budget.  

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